MWF Seeking BFF


I finally finished this book after two months. I feel really bad that it took me so long to finish it, because it was actually really good. I usually finish books (depending on length, obviously) in two weeks or less, but due to some distractions like school (and binge watching Downton Abbey and Parks & Recreation), I didn’t spend much time reading.

MWF Seeking BFF by Rachel Bertsche tells her story of the year she decided that instead of feeling lonely and missing her best friends that were miles away, she would go on 52 friend dates in one year. Mixing anecdotes with scientific and social research, Bertsche writes beautifully about what we all want: to belong and have someone to rely on.


Whether you feel like you need some help in the friend department, or feel fulfilled in your need for social interaction, I would highly recommend this book. I really enjoyed reading about something I myself would be too scared to do, but was left inspired to try harder at making friends, being more friendly to strangers and just being open to trying something new to improve my life.