Spring Nails

As promised last week, I am back today to share some of my favourite nail colours for spring. When it comes to polish, I think spring might be my favourite season. I love the pinks, the brights, and this year the off-whites.

IMG_1636(L-R, Tuck it In My Tux, Urban Jungle, Minimalistic, Find Me an Oasis)

Essie, Tuck it In My Tux. This was from Essie’s winter collection,  but I think it’s great for spring. It’s ever so slightly off-white (“silken ivory crème” according to Essie), and opaque enough that it’s not streaky when you apply it, but not so opaque that it’s like painting your nails with white-out (did anyone else do that in Junior High?).

Essie, Urban Jungle. Just a bit darker than Tuck it In My Tux, this one is somewhere between an off-white and a beige. It has the slightest pearlescent quality to it that gives it a “je ne sais quoi” that I love in a polish. Perfect for when you want your nails to standout because they look great, and not because they are bright.

Essie, Minimalistic. This colour was so different from what I was expecting. I thought it would be closer to Ballet Slippers, a light slightly sheer pink. But, man did it surprise me. It’s more like a white-pink and it’s actually quite opaque, kind of like Fiji’s sophisticated older sister. You’ll probably be seeing this in my favourites nest week.

Essie, Find Me an Oasis. I had to throw in my new favourite blue. Essie calls this a “refreshing ice blue” and I have to agree 100%. It’s the perfect shade for adding some spring colour without being too bright or close Mint Candy Apple. A beautiful blue-white, this is sure to perk up your manicure this spring.