Veronica Mars: Mr. Kiss and Tell

IMG_1857If you’re like me, then the Veronica Mars movie that was released last year was not enough to get you your fix. Thankfully, Rob Thomas, being the smart man he is, started a book series which directly follows the plot of the movie. Mr. Kiss and Tell is the second instalment of the series (I didn’t review the first, but I did love it).
For the first time in a long time I actually stayed up reading this, giving up on re-watching episodes of Parks and Rec before I went to bed. One thing that I really liked about this book, and the first, is that is really shows how Veronica is adjusting to her new life, and also there is a big difference between how she was written on the show, and in the books given that there is quite a change in her age. As far as the subject matter goes, for me personally it was darker than I normally like, but Rob Thomas has never shied away from shedding light on the less than happy things of life.
Overall, I really did like it and am looking forward to the next one (no release date yet, but hopefully soon!)