Bright Toes

Although I’ve fancied neutrals and pastels on my nails, this month I’ve loved brights on my toes. I looked through my whole collection and picked out four of my favourites — from blue to pink to purple to red.
FullSizeRender (7)Essie, Fifth Avenue. I am a firm believer that reds should be worn all year round and this is the perfect one for spring and summer (and any other time too). This is a beautiful bright red with the faintest hint of orange. To be honest, I’m considering ditching my neutrals and pastels in favour of this beauty. I always feel polished (ha! didn’t even try with that one) when I’m wearing this guy. And, it only takes one coat!

Essie, DJ Play That Song. This beautiful “neon plum” is great for anyone who is wanting a good transition colour from darker berries. Depending on your skin tone, the amount of ‘neon’ will be different. On me it’s a bit more muted — more like a dark bright.

Essie, Butler Please. My favourite bright blue. This is also basically a Wild Cat blue (as in Kentucky Wild Cats) — maybe they would have gone to the finals this year if I wore it this year (I did last year and they won the championship — coincidence?). Though it can take 3 to 4 thin coats, the colour pay off is definitely worth it.

Essie, Mod Square. My favourite bright pink. Need a pick me up? This is the perfect colour for that. It’s bright, it’s pink — what more do you need in life? Also, it’s basically the nail polish version of Sephora’s Cream Lip Stain in Whipped Blush.

Are you a fan of bright colours for your toes? What’s your favourite?