April Playlist

aprilplaylist“It’s Tricky”, RUN-DMC. I’ll be honest. I watch Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timerlake’s Histories of Rap a lot — like a lot. And let’s be honest, who doesn’t love RUN-DMC?

“That’s All (ft. Don Thompson)”, Diana Panton. My brother introduced me to Diana Panton a few weeks ago, and it was love at first sight. I love her jazzy voice — I wish my voice sounded like hers. I also love this song because it reminds me of The Wedding Singer.

“Amazing Glow”, Pernice Brothers. If you’re a fan of Gilmore Girls, you might recognize this one. Remember the season finale of season 6? I both love and hate that one. I hate it for the ending (we won’t talk about that though…), but I love the storyline of all the wannabe troubadours trying to get their moments of fame. At one point in the episode, Joe Pernice makes a cameo and sings this song.

“Two Weeks”, Grizzly Bear. This is probably one of my favourite walking songs — one that instantly lifts my spirits.
aprilplaylist“Sweet Disposition”, The Temper Trap. I love thing song so much. It just makes my heart happy, and makes me think I could run for 20 minutes without any problems.

“I Still Want You”, Brandon Flowers. I love this new single from Brandon Flowers, and I’m so excited for the album to come out next month. I love that these new songs are so different and I honestly can’t think of anything similar sound-wise.

“No Room in Frame”, Death Cab for Cutie. As of right now, this is still one of my favourites (possibly my very favourite) from the new album. This is perfect for quiet mornings when I need something to help wake me up and be happy to get on with the day.

“Don’t Speak”, No Doubt. I’ve been in a bit of a throwback phase when it comes to music, so naturally I’ve been loving this one a lot. You can’t deny the classic status of this one.

“Lily”, Benjamin Gibbard. Can you tell I’m a Ben Gibbard fan? This song just makes me wish my name was Lily so maybe it could be about me.

“I’m Not the Only One”, Sam Smith. It’s impossible for me not to sing along to this one. Plus, there’s that amazing part at the end (“and I know, and I know, and I know, and I know…”) — it’s my favourite.

What’s on your April playlist? What songs have you been loving this month?