Home Tour: Office

officetourToday marks our one year anniversary in our current home. This last year has been our best yet in terms of living arrangements. In our first place as newlyweds (which we lived in for two years) we had so many issues with our upstairs neighbour (seriously, the worst!), and a landlord that was super hands off. It was also super, super tiny! I do really miss being so close to my Granny and Papa though. We lived a block away and I loved that I would see them randomly at Co-op, or driving by besides seeing them at church every week.
Anyway, back to the task at hand. Since our current place is much nicer and we have the most amazing landlords (seriously, we are spoiled — you’d be jealous), we are much happier which means I am much happier to decorate. During the next few weeks, I’ll be sharing our home, room by room. This gives me an excuse to document it and also motivation to clean and organize.
IMG_2253We have one bedroom, plus a little den which is currently functioning as my office. When we first moved in, it was supposed to be Christopher’s office, but it became the junk space instead. During my reading break in February, I spent the entire week cleaning, organizing, and turning this space into something that I would want to work in. Christopher was getting a bit annoyed with me using his laptop all the time because I was using my iMac as a TV rather than a computer. Now that I have a space for it, I can comfortably write posts while also watching Netflix or TV.
IMG_2267When I found these cork boards at Michaels a few months back, I had to have them. Of course I love the patterns and that I can change up my pictures and lists whenever I want. I also added a few Project Life cards with some great quotes and glitter and lace ribbon for some femininity.IMG_2259This is also the perfect place for my books. I love white bookcases. I feel like it makes the room look bigger and doesn’t swallow the colour like a black or dark brown bookcase would. I also love these bookcases because the shelves are adjustable so I can always switch it up depending on my needs.
IMG_2269Because we don’t have much space in our home, my office has also become my storage space for my Project Life supplies. I use boxes for my photos and embellishments and this cart for all my cards. That reminds me I really need to catch up on some scrapbooking!

Do you have a dedicated office space in your home? What are your favourite items?