Happiness and Positivity

happyquoteLast week I had a very unique experience. I was able to work for the advanced polls of our recent provincial election. My mom was working in the election office and got me the job (nepotism is a great thing, isn’t it?). It worked out well for my schedule as I had just finished with my school semester and haven’t found (or looked for) a summer job yet.
On the first (of four) day, I got a promotion because there was an issue with the efficiency of one of the partnerships. Though I was originally the assistant, with my promotion I was now the boss. My partner was extremely negative (and eventually was let go because of her behaviour towards me and others — but that’s a story for another day). Every change that we had to make, she would complain. She complained to electors. She complained to our supervisor. She complained about the food — the free food that was kindly supplied for us. She complained about everything. I found out later too that she complained about me not talking to her enough. Sorry, but I am not great at small talk and would rather read a book than talk to someone that is just going to be negative.
I learned a lot last week, like the fact that I am more patient that I thought, and I need to speak up for myself (one of the other girls that I worked with remarked that I suffer from “nice girl syndrome” — not too far off). But most importantly, I learned about choosing happiness.
I consider myself a happy, positive person. However, despite my inner positivity and happiness it can be really hard to keep that up when you’re around a negative-nothing-will-please-me type of person. But, even if someone else is negative, it doesn’t mean I have to be. I worked really hard to keep being positive despite her negative comments and attitudes. When she would say that a new change to our system was stupid or pointless, I would make it a point to mention a positive thing about it rather than agree. I think that choosing to do that definitely helped me to be more patient than I could have been.
Choosing to be happy and positive when others around you are not can be really difficult, but it is so liberating. Choose happiness — your life and the lives of those around you will be better for it.

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