Home Tour: Kitchen

hometourkitchen4Like I said two weeks ago, for the next little bit, I will be sharing spaces in our home as part of my Home Tour series (see my office here). When we decided to rent our current home, this kitchen was one of the things that sold us on it. In our first apartment, we had a tiny, oddly shaped kitchen that was seriously lacking in counter space. As I’ve been going through our home for this series, I’m realizing how different this place is from our last, and how much I am enjoying the difference. hometourkitchen2Our kitchen isn’t very large, but it is definitely functional. We have a lot of cupboard space (though I would love more upper cabinets) and enough counter space that having a few appliances and jars doesn’t fill it up. I adore the backsplash and feel that it really adds some class and finishes the space nicely. I’m also a big fan of the dishwasher. I don’t know how I lived without one for two years.hometourkitchen4I love that we have an eat-in-kitchen. Due to the fact that our living space is quite small, having our table in the kitchen rather than taking up our living room space is a dream. When we moved in, we picked up quite a few items from IKEA, these chairs and table being one of them. I love that this table is simple, and will go with any decor. I’m pretty sure we will be keeping this for many years. It’s also expandable, so we can have our families over without any problem. hometourkitchen5Besides the backsplash and cupboard space, my favourite thing about this kitchen are these prints. Months ago, I found these London prints at an Etsy fair here in town. Of course I forgot to write down the name of the woman who sold them to me, so I don’t know where to find more. I love the touch of red with the black and white, especially next to the chalkboard print that reads “I will be grateful for this day.” I originally put this one up for Thanksgiving in October, but decided to keep it up because I need the reminder to be grateful every day.hometourkitchen3When I was growing up, our fridge doors were always full of pictures, magnets, wedding invitations and Christmas cards. I have continued that tradition, and love the personality that it adds. I plan on adding more of those Instagram magnets from Sticky9. I would love to fill the whole surface with my favourite pictures. hometourkitchenThis is one spot that I haven’t quite figured out, but I’m working on it. I do love the open shelving for my pretty bowls (you can find them here) and cookbooks. I’ve had a bit of an obsession with mugs lately (I’m considering adding one or two of these to my collection), but don’t have space for them, so they sit on top of our toaster oven. I love having easy access to spatulas and spoons for cooking, and this utensil crock is the perfect solution. One of my other favourite things in our kitchen is my KitchenAid mixer that my mom bought me for my bridal shower. I have used that thing so much and love the bright red, especially in contrast to our white cabinets and grey walls.

What is your favourite thing about your kitchen?