Home Tour: Living Room

hometourlivingroom2I’m back with another instalment in our home tour series. Honestly, I could have done it all in one post, because our whole apartment is the same size as some people’s bedrooms, but this makes it look bigger. Our living room is probably my second favourite space in terms of the layout. It’s big, it’s open, and there’s a lot of wall space.hometourlivingroom4I love that our walls are a nice neutral colour so that we have more options in terms of decor. I love adding bright pops of colour and patterns to neutrals (I’m the same way in my personal style actually). These striped pillows (from IKEA) are perfect for every season and make our “couch” look classier than it actually is. We plan on replacing it soon, but it’s doing its job (sort of) for now.

hometourlivingroom3This empty wall kind of drives me crazy, but my indecisive nature has kept it that way. I am planning on doing a gallery wall here, but have been unsure of exactly what I want to do yet. I keep planning it, thinking I have it figured it out, and then change my mind. Once I do finish it though, I will be sure to document it and share it here.

hometourlivingroomI think the section I am most proud of right now is this styled bookcase. My dad made this for me back when I was still living at home, and it’s survived three moves, and is still standing. I decided to use this bookcase to display my favourite series of books (The Penguin Classics) and our favourite photos, and things (like my wedding bouquet).

hometourlivingroom5 Of course our home wouldn’t be complete without this canvas print of Audrey, which Christopher bought me for our first Christmas (he knows me well). Our TV doesn’t get much use these days, except for Monday nights when I’m watching The Bachelorette (this season is crazy, isn’t it?) and So You Think You Can Dance (I miss Mary, don’t you?) or Christopher is playing video games.

I’m planning to share the bathroom next, if anyone wants to see that (is it weird to share pictures of our bathroom?) and then our bedroom and this series will be finished. I will definitely continue to share bits and pieces of our home as we change it, because knowing me, I will definitely continue to make changes.

What’s your favourite room in your house? Do you use your living room for TV or for hanging out?


ps. Our kitchen, our office and a DIY wreath.