Nail Prep with Formula X: The System

nailprepwithformulaxthesystemI’ve been loving the Formula X System for months now, but like other things I use all the time, I forget to write about them — why is that? Even though they aren’t new, I feel like they deserve the spotlight and a dedicated post.formulaxthesystem

I start each at-home manicure (which is the only kind of manicure I get these days) with the Formula X Nail Cleanser. This treatment gently cleanses the nail bed of any oil or dirt that would stop the nail colour from adhering properly and thus makes it last longer. It doesn’t dry out my cuticles and dries almost instantly so you can get on with applying the base coat and nail colour.

I have been painting my nails for at least fifteen years (probably closer to eighteen years actually) and for the majority of those years I haven’t used a base coat. I always thought of it as an extra step that I didn’t have patience for. Thankfully I have seen the light and realized the importance of a good base coat. The Formula X Base Coat protects my nails and helps my polish stay on longer. I have used many other base coats in the past, and nothing comes close to this one.

After applying one of my (many) favourite colours, I always top it off with a top coat. One of my very favourites is the Formula X Top Coat. It’s really thick, which I find creates a great seal and makes my polish last longer. It also leaves my nails smooth and shiny, which I love.

Have you tried the Formula X System or any of the Formula X polishes? What are you favourite products to prep your nails?

  • Ouuu these look great!! 🙂 to be honest, I’m really lazy when it comes to nails… Lol only the nail polish and I’m out the door hahaha
    But these seem great nonetheless

    Xoxo Jessy

    • They are really great. Sometimes I’m lazy about it too, but it pays to take the extra time!

  • I haven’t tried these, because I am petty faithful to my Essie polishes, but maybe I´ll try using the Base and Top Coat.
    An nail cleanser on the other hand is something I have never used. Do you think it is a necessary step?

    LindaLibraLoca: Beauty, Baby and Backpacking

    • I’m definitely an Essie girl too! But Formula X is amazing (their polishes are some of the most long-lasting ones I’ve ever tried). I’m not sure that the cleanser is a necessary step, but I do think it makes a difference. You can get the same nail drying and cleaning effect from a nail polish remover though, I think.

  • i’ve never heard of a product like the nail cleanser before, the concept sounds pretty interesting though.
    natasha // eyebrows, inc.

    • Yeah, I think it’s a newer thing, but I do notice a difference.

  • Great post! I’d love to try this system. Like you said it’s so important to use a base coat because not only does it keep your polish on for longer, it strengthens your nails!

    Erin | Erin and Katherine Talk Beauty

  • These seem like great products 😀

  • I’d be really interested in looking at this set. Ive seen it everywhere just never given it a chance. The experiences that I have had with Formula X have been great. Their nail wraps are some of the best i’ve ever used!

    • I’ve never tried their nail wraps, but maybe I’ll have to check them out!