Wedding Nails

weddingnails2When it came to planning my wedding, I spent a lot of time deciding on my perfect dress, the hair, a little on the makeup, the decorations… basically for the three months we were engaged (and at least 6 months before that) I lived and breathed wedding planning. I wanted a day that reflected my personality, but also wanted things to be as simple as possible — especially when it came to my wedding style. I wore very little makeup (more on that later this week), and did my hair myself. But, despite doing those things to save some cash, there was one thing I was happy to splurge on — a mani-pedi. I personally am not a fan of fake nails, so I opted for just a simple, neutral manicure. Honestly, I don’t remember the colour that I chose, but after rifling through my collection, I’ve picked four of the best shades for your perfect bridal manicure.weddingnails

essievanityfairestVanity Fairest. This is incredibly sheer, but with a slightest hint of shimmer. This is perfect for brides who aren’t fussy with their nails, but still want something there. This would be so beautiful in the sun too! Imagine that sparkle in the sunshine!

essieadoreaballAdore-a-ball. Essie calls this their “perfect for a french manicure”. It’s definitely more noticeable than Vanity Fairest, but still sheer and soft. I’d call this the perfect ‘my-nails-but-better’ shade. It’s pink, but with the slightly hint of milky-white. I used two coats for this and feel like it really give your nails a great ‘polished’ (see what I did there?) look to your nails.

essieballetslippersBallet Slippers. The perfect polish for brides that love the classic pink, but sheer look. Like the others, I used two coats with this one. It’s more obvious than the other two, but still understated. This is also a great shade for a french manicure, if that’s your thing.

essieminimalisticMinimalistic. A very light, but opaque, pink. This is perfect for brides who aren’t ready for a statement, but don’t want anything sheer. Again, two coats were used for this. I love this shade because it’s classic, but still close to the white nail trend that has been big this year. You could go with one coat for more of sheer wash if you wanted, or build it up with a third coat — either is still beautiful.

What shade did you (or would you) wear on your wedding day? What is your favourite understated nail colour?

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