Home Tour: Bathroom

hometourbathroomI was hesitant to share this post, because who wants to see a bathroom, really? But then I thought since I’m not quite done with the bedroom yet, I might as well show our tiny bathroom. Our bathroom is super tiny, but it’s functional and actually has a good amount of storage space (especially since I’ve now moved my makeup to our closet). It’s not my favourite room, but there are a few things I’ve done to the space to make it prettier.



hometourbathroom5I like to have my skin care out on the counter for easy access and so that I don’t forget to use certain products, like my eye cream or face oil. I got this great vanity tray from Target last year and the toothbrush holder from Bed Bath & Beyond (the tray is no available, but you can find similar ones here and here). You’ll probably notice a trend with that. Basically everything in this room is either from Target, Bed Bath & Beyond or Michaels (for the flowers). For Q-tips and cotton pads, I love these jars. They hold a lot, and look nice on the counter. Now that I’m looking at these photos, I’m realizing that unless you saw that extra toothbrush and deodorant you would never know that someone else lived here. Ha! Christopher is such a good sport to put up with my hogging every available inch of our home.

hometourbathroom2The only spot for a print is over top of the toilet, so I added this lovely print from LifeAndStylePrint, my current favourite Etsy shop. I wanted something that wasn’t your typical bathroom print, and something that would be inspirational since we would see it every day. I would love to add some floating shelves here for extra storage (like this), but since we are renting, we don’t want to do anything too permanent.

hometourbathroom6When it comes to a rental, since we didn’t choose the wall colours (though I don’t think our landlords would have an issue with us painting), I like to add interest and personality with our accessories. This bath rug is the perfect fit with the chevron and aqua, blue and grey. I wish that the set up was a little different so that the rug didn’t take up so much of the floor, but we deal with it and for the most part I barely notice it.

Having the flowers and the print in our bathroom has definitely made it a happier space and made me feel like it has my touch on it. If we run into issues with storage in the future, I think adding an over-the-toilet storage cabinets or shelves like this one or this one would be a great addition.

What do you do to add function and fun to your bathroom space?

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