The Weekend Post | 07.26.15

theweekendpost072615This week has been like most, lots of good stuff, some not so good.. but today I will focus on the good. Our landlords were away this week, so I took full advantage of that by spending time in the backyard reading, and playing my music really loud throughout the day and not worrying about bothering them. Thankfully we had some hot days this week, though it seems like we had more rain (and tornados too actually, but not near us), so I was definitely grateful for the sun when it came out.
On Tuesday, we got together with family and friends to celebrate my brother’s birthday. We enjoyed a good fire (what’s a summer night without a good bonfire?) and experimenting with Mentos and Diet Coke. We laughed a lot, and got to know some of my brother and sister-in-law’s new friends, which was really nice.
Christopher and I saw Ant-Man on Friday night and we both loved it. It was really funny — funnier than I was expecting (and I was expecting it to be really funny). Paul Rudd was definitely a great choice for the role. Oh, and friends. If you ever go see a Marvel movie, please stay until the very, very end of the credits! We are always shocked by the number of people who leave — they always miss out. The rest of the weekend was spent with Netflix and catching up on Suits as I was just having one of those days. It was really nice to just relax for the past two days though, and not really worry about much. Those days don’t come very often, so we definitely appreciate them when they do.

It’s probably not a great idea to be a funk while writing, so I apologize if that vibe comes across too strongly in this post. To cheer you up (or more likely me), here are some great links from the last week:

Lip Flip with Adam Sandler and Jimmy Fallon (can you tell the difference between their voices?)

This Bachelorette Parody (it’s so spot on)

SEPHORA Holiday 2015 Preview (I need to start saving..)

This Jillian Harris interview on

This calligraphy cake topper

9 Must-read books for breaking into the fashion industry

Justin Timberlake and Alfonso Ribeiro doing ‘The Carlton’

Oh! I just remembered the best thing that happened to me this week. This photo that I posted on Instagram on Wednesday night made it to the “top posts” for #themindyproject, and then Mindy Kaling herself liked it. This is just proof that we really are best friends, right?

I hope you have all had a lovely week and a lovelier weekend! Be sure to come back tomorrow for a post all about salt sprays!

ps. Choosing to be positive when others are notfavourite lip balms and favourite makeup brushes and tools.

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