Empties | Products I’ve Used Up #7

emptiesseptemberHappy Labor Day! I hope you are enjoying your day off, or enjoying it even if it’s not a day off. Today I’m sharing another empties post. I’m sharing this post a little earlier than I have the past couple of months, but my bin was kind of overflowing, so I thought now was a good time to share. The last few months, I’ve finished a good number of things, but I feel like this month, it was something almost every day (okay, maybe not… but close enough).


emptiesseptember4Joe Fresh, Nail Polish Remover Non-Acetone. This is my favourite nail polish remover. Even though it doesn’t contain acetone, I find it does a great job of removing my polish (even darker colours) efficiently and without drying out my skin or my nails. I have the small bottle, which has a handy pump top, and just refill it with the larger ones periodically. I will definitely be buying another one soon.. probably within the next few days.

L’Oreal Paris Hair Expertise, Fibralogy Shampoo and Conditioner. I posted a full review on this back in July, which you can read here. After using these for a few months, I definitely noticed a difference in the thickness of my hair, or at least the feeling of thickness. I’m interested to see if that changes at all now that I’m no longer using them. I probably would buy these again, but not for a while since I have a few other options to try.

John Frieda, Beach Blonde Kelp Help Deep Conditioning Mask. This was a pretty good hair mask. It definitely made my hair feel hydrated and soft, but I don’t think it’s any better than some of my hydrating conditioners, so I won’t be purchasing this one again. The smell was really nice though (it smells slightly minty).

Benefit Cosmetics, It’s Potent! Eye Cream. I got this deluxe sample in one of my Birchbox boxes earlier this year. I liked it a lot, and found it really hydrating to my eyes, though I’m not sure I noticed any other benefit to it. I probably won’t purchase the full size any time soon.

First Aid Beauty, Face Cleanser. This is a really great gentle cleanser. It definitely makes my skin feel refreshed and clean, but I did find that it dried it out a little bit sometimes. I probably won’t be purchasing it again (or at least not any time soon), as I have found a few others that I prefer.

emptiesaugust3Soap & Glory, Clean on Me Creamy Moisture Shower Gel. This is definitely one of my favourite shower gels. It’s creamy, and does a great job of keeping my skin clean, but doesn’t dry it out at all. The smell is nice and fresh, but doesn’t really linger (which I don’t mind, actually). I definitely prefer the scent of the Sugar Crush Shower Gel over this one though, so I will be buying that one next.

St. Tropez, Self-Tan Bronzing Mousse. I shared a review of this (and other St. Tropez products) back in June, which you can read here. This is definitely the best self-tan product I’ve used (tied with the Self-Tan Express) because it is so easy to use, it gives a really natural tan and doesn’t make my skin look blotchy at all. Since we’re coming into fall, I won’t be purchasing another one for a while, but I will definitely get another before next summer.

Anatomicals, The Buff Stuff Citrus Body Scrub. I bought this one day when I was in serious need of a new body scrub, but didn’t want to spend $20. It happened to be on sale, and it smelled nice, so I bought it. It was a really good scrub. It exfoliated my skin well without being abrasive (but not weak either), and left it feeling smooth. I also love the grapefruit smell. I would definitely buy this again.

Fresh, Sugar Lip Treatment SPF 15. This isn’t the full size, but it still lasted me a long time (I bought it in the fall last year from one of the holiday sets). This is definitely one of my favourite lip balms as it makes my lips super soft, and keeps them that way. It is on the higher end of the spectrum though, in terms of price, so I won’t be repurchasing one right away. I also really love the lemon-y scent.

Harvey Prince, Hello Body Cream. I got this in one of my Birchbox boxes as well. I love the lemon and herb smell, and found it to be really hydrating and didn’t irritate my hands at all (which a lot of perfumed lotions can). I probably wouldn’t go out of my way to buy a full size though.

I also finished a few items from my Finish Five by Fall Challenge, but decided to save them for a full post, which will be going up in a few weeks. Overall, it’s been a great month for the products I’ve used up. I’ve realized that some products I thought I loved just aren’t for me, and I’ve found some new favourites too.

Have you tried any of these products? What did have you finished recently?

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