The Weekend Post | 09.12.15

theweekendpost091215How is it possible that we’re already half-way through September? It is feeling more and more like fall, which is great (though I’ve had to resort to wearing socks in the house, which I never do). This week flew by and it’s already another weekend! I started a new semester (my last!) this week, which probably accounts for how quickly the time went by. Though I’ve only had a couple of days of classes so far, I feel like it’s going to be a good semester.


bag // pants // shoes

theweekendpost091215-4Though my classes are great, my highlight of the week was definitely Tuesday night. My dad had tickets to a performance by Gershwin Piano Quartet as part of the Honens Festival and Piano Competition. It was amazing. I love going to events like that, getting dressed up and enjoying some culture. I was definitely younger than 60% of the audience, but my old soul felt right at home. Gershwin Piano Quartet are from Switzerland and are an amazing piano quartet. There were times when they sounded like one piano — it was amazing. It also made me wish I could play the piano properly, rather than the basic skill of being able to read notes and play with both hands if the left hand has one chord.


dress // bag (similar) // necklace // lipstick

As for the rest of the things I’ve been loving this week, here are my favourite links:

Previews of holiday launches from Hourglass, Marc Jacobs, Too Faced and this palette from MAC’s MACnificient Collection (out next month)

Sneak Peak of the LC Runway Kohl’s Collection (I want need this bow sweater)

Our first look at the new season of The Mindy Project

Jimmy Fallon and Justin Timberlake’s sixth instalment of History of Rap

And finally this lip sync battle from Jimmy Fallon and Ellen DeGeneres (In my opinion, Jimmy won, despite what everyone else says)

What are you up to this weekend? I hope whatever it is, you enjoy it!

ps. that time I cried watching the Oscars10 things that will make you smile and  the importance of timing

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