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finishfivebyfall-6First off, I need to acknowledge that it is officially autumn today! We are still having a lovely fall and I’m really hoping it’s here to stay. Even if it’s not, I will enjoy it while it’s here! Now to the task at hand. Way back in June, I joined a few of my fellow Canadian beauty bloggers in the “Finish 5 By Fall” challenge. I picked five items from my beauty stash that I wanted to finish by today, the first day of fall. I’m actually quite happy with the results. I didn’t choose anything too difficult to finish, so I wasn’t stretched too far with this one, but I still feel accomplished.


finishfivebyfall-3Let’s start with what I actually finished. I chose to include the Coconut Milk Body Lotion from The Body Shop because I had stopped using it after last summer, and really wanted to just finish it up (I hate getting rid of perfectly good products), but was always choosing everything else in my collection. I realized that I really didn’t like the applicator (I found the mist would sometimes go the wrong way if I wasn’t pay attention, or it was a little cold early in the morning), so I started spraying it into my hand and applying it that way which made all the difference. Now that I know I don’t like this lotion as much as the body butters and lotions The Body Shop has to offer, I won’t repurchasing this one. I also finished off another Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil (also from The Body Shop). I added this to my list, because I wanted to be sure to finish at least one thing. I have already repurchased and have a spare too so I will be ready when it’s gone.

finishfivebyfall-5Though it may look like I finished my Stay Matte Pressed Powder from Rimmel, I technically haven’t just yet. When I went camping in August, I came home and unpacked my makeup just to find that my pressed powder had turned into a crumble. Right now the remains are in a plastic bag and I have yet to put it back into the pan. For the time being, I am using my backup, or just using the powder in its loose form.


finishfivebyfall-4I am extremely close to finishing off my last two, but it will probably be another month (maybe less) before I do. I have still used my base coat from Formula X at least weekly and am still loving it, though as it dwindles down it does get more difficult to get the product out, but it’s worth it. I haven’t repurchased another one yet, since I’m now testing a base coat from essence cosmetics. I didn’t use my Revlon Lip Butter in Strawberry Shortcake as I thought I would this summer, since I was obsessed with this balm stain. However, now that my new semester of school has started and I’m having a smoky eye moment, I’m definitely using it more often, since it’s so easy to just slap it on and I’m not worried that it will clash with my eye makeup, or be too much of a fuss to keep up throughout the day.

Did you take part in the Finish 5 By Fall Challenge? How did you do?

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  • Super impressive! The last three products you chose and didn’t finish, are very hard products to get through! I don’t think I’ve ever finished a pressed powder or lipstick. I’d be pretty proud for finishing the two you did get to finish.

  • This seems like it was a fun task! It’s always a nice feeling when you’ve finished up products. The Body Shop body butters are my favorite, but I haven’t tried the body milk. I love their cleansing oils though! I think I’ll try to do a “Finish 5 by Winter”!

    Amy |

  • ohhh I love these!

  • I did a finish 5 by summers end and completely finished 4/5. But I’ve also started a “16 by 2016”!!! So far so good but it is a lot of work to keep all the products together. The Body Shop Camomile cleansing balm is a holy grail product for me. It works wonders at removing my waterproof mascara and the rest of my makeup.
    Do you have another challenge on the go?