The Weekend Post | 09.26.15

theweekendpost092615-3Happy Saturday! We officially made it to fall, which I’m super happy about, and we’re almost done with September (which I’m not sure how I feel about). I finished my third week of the semester, and things are still going really well, though I learned the hard way this week that when I don’t budget my time effectively, I have to scramble to get my readings and blog posts done. Next week will be better. I don’t want to experience unnecessary stress this semester.


theweekendpost092615Besides the few nights when I stayed up a little later than I should to finish a blog post or read about Old English verbs, It’s been a great week. I went mini golfing with my mom and sisters for our monthly girls night out, and it was a blast. It’s become our September tradition to go, and I hope we do it next year too. I definitely did not win (unless you count having the most points), but had the best time. I love that we all live in the same city and like each other too!

And now time for my favourite links:

This post makes me wish that a Burberry trench didn’t cost more than 3 times our rent.

You just might love Joseph Gordon-Levitt more after watching this interview (I know, I didn’t think it was possible, either).

Seeing more holiday beauty collections, like these from Sephora, makes me so excited for the months ahead.

This post and this post which remind me that I need to bake more this fall.

This undone, yet elegant side bun inspired by NYFW.

What are you up to this weekend? It’s looking like we’re going to have some cooler temperatures in the coming days, which means I might have to get my first Salted Caramel Hot Chocolate from Starbucks, and wear more scarves — I won’t complain!


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