Perfectly Understated Nails for Fall

understatednailsforfallWhile I am all about dark nails in the fall, some days I want something easy and understated, something that will go with anything and won’t be super noticeable if it starts to chip before I can repaint my nails. While going through my stash of polishes again, I have rediscovered a favourite that I bought either last year or the year before.

essieladylikeEssie’s Ladylike is the perfect neutral. This taupe-y purple, fall’s answer to Essie’s Lilacism, is perfect for those days when you need something on your nails, but don’t want to deal with a shade that requires too much maintenance. It can look quite purple in certain lights, but closer to grey or taupe in others, which is one thing I really love about it. Ladylike goes on really thin, but two coats are all you need. I will definitely be wearing this shade a lot more in the next few months, and will likely always be a favourite.

Do you have a favourite understated shade for your nail colour right now? 

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