Fall Nails

nailsforfallIt’s been a while since I’ve shared a post dedicated to nail polish, and we are getting into the colder months, so I think it’s time to talk about fall nail polish. This is the time of the year that I love wearing deep, vampy colours like plums and dark reds that can look almost black depending on the light. I also love a good neutral too, so I’ve added that to the mix. Whatever your preference is, whether it be dark colours or neutrals, fall is all about sophistication. There are at least ten shades that I love to wear this time of year, but today I’m just sharing five of them. I’m not including any of my favourite reds, because those deserve their own post, so watch out for that in the next few weeks.


essiechinchillyGrey is one of my favourite colours, especially when it comes to my polish. While I love Essie’s Take it Outside, I find that Master Plan is a better option right now because it has a slightly warmer tone to it (though it’s really subtle and you only need one of the two). Described as a “mischievous soft grey”, Master Plan is a great neutral, perfect for days when you want something autumnal, but not dark. It will also go with any other colour, any outfit and for any occasion. Another great option, if you want something slightly darker, is Chinchilly, which is an Essie classic. Chinchilly is a granite grey with a very slight purple undertone to it (which is only obvious in certain lights).



When I still want something grey, but much darker, I go for Essie’s Smokin’ Hot. A dark greyish purple, this is a great shade as we go into late fall. It’s also quite opaque after one coat, which is always a bonus. Though I love Essie’s Bahama Mama something fierce this time of year, one of my new favourites has been Plumberry. A slightly deeper version of Watermelon, Plumberry is the perfect raspberry toned polish, great for keeping things bright and festive, but still perfect for fall. It’s also like a more berry toned nail polish version of one of my favourite lipsticks, Maybelline’s Vivid Rose.


Finally, my current favourite polish for fall — Essie’s Carry On. I love a good dark nail polish, so dark that you might think it’s black, but it’s not. I love the sophistication of this deep burgundy shade, and also the fact that it doesn’t make my pale hands look red (am I the only one?). Another plus, when I take it off, it comes off cleanly and doesn’t transfer to my skin — it’s the little things.

What nail polish shades are your favourite this time of year?

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