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With the holidays coming up, there seems to be a theme with skirts and dresses right now: sequins. Christopher has his company’s annual Christmas party in a few weeks, and I would love to find something with sequins, or glitter (basically anything shiny) if possible, which I could also wear for New Years. Last year, H&M had this gorgeous and fun multi-toned sequined skirt and I didn’t buy it when I first saw it, because I wasn’t sure if I wanted it or not, and I am still regretting it to this day that I didn’t buy it. Note to self: always buy it if you’re unsure if it will be there next time.


Dress // Eyeshadow // Pumps // Clutch // Studs // Skirt // Polish // Trousers // Top

Right now there are so many options for incorporating a little sparkle into your wardrobe. If you are looking for something subtle, but still obviously part of the trend, I suggest eyeshadow, nail polish, or earrings. A glitter polish is conspicuous, but not so much that it shouts (which we’ll get to in a moment). Deborah Lippmann makes great glitter polishes, like this one, which are actually quite opaque. For a budget option, I’d suggest this one for Essie (but be patient with the coats). This dress with sequin detailing is also a great way to add some interest without wearing a dress made completely of sequins (I do love this one and this one, if you want that). A glitter or sequined clutch (I love this one, this one and especially this one) is also ideal for a (slightly less) subtle hint of shimmer or for dressing up a casual look.

If you’re all about the glitter and shine, then you can really do any (or all, if you’re feeling it) of the above, plus something else. These glitter pumps are a great way to jazz up a little black dress and make it more festive (Forever21 makes similar ones for half the price). A sequin skirt, like this one from Dorothy Perkins (or this one) is elegant, but still fun and this distressed looking one from H&M adds some texture and is easily dressed down. If you’re not one for skirts or dresses, these trousers from Emily Schuman’s Cupcakes and Cashmere line are great. They are streamlined and slightly edgy, but still perfect for a holiday party. And finally, for tops (which are easily dressed up or down), I love this striped one (or this one) or this beauty from French Connection.

What are you wearing to your holiday parties? Are you all about the sequins and glitter too? 


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