The Weekend Post | 12.06.15

theweekendpost120615Six days into December, and it has been kind of wonderful so far. Waking up each morning and seeing our Christmas decorations up makes me so happy. Maybe I will just keep the lights up all year round. Also, school is basically finished for the semester! I have one more day of classes, two final projects and two exams and then I’m done! I had a group presentation on Thursday, which I was completely dreading, but now I’m just happy that it’s over and I never have to do another one! It’s been a really difficult semester, but I’ll talk about that later when I’m actually finished everything.



Lashes // Eyeshadow // Lip gloss // Top // Coat

Friday night, I got to spend time with my nieces and oldest nephew. We watched Joey and Charlotte while my sister and her husband went to a Christmas party (they took Isabelle with them). We had pizza and watched The Avengers, so Joey was basically in heaven. We are so lucky to have such cute, well-behaved nieces and nephews. I asked Charlotte to say “Lottie” (I’m the only one that calls her that), and she said it over and over in her adorable little 18-month-old voice. I also celebrated National Cookie Day with a delicious pint of Ben & Jerry’s and a Chrismukkah episode (any fans of The O.C.?). Also, I tried false lashes for the first time (at least outside the house) and they didn’t fall off! I think I may be a convert…

Yesterday, we didn’t have any official plans, which was really lovely. I had some time to work on assignments, and watch some of my favourite Christmas episodes from The Office (all the talk of the movie Krampus makes me want to watch the last Christmas episode from The Office). It was also lovely to have Christopher home during the day, since he was hunting almost every Saturday last month.

Now for my favourite links:

Preview of the new Mac x Ellie Goulding Holiday Collection

Jimmy Fallon AND Mindy Kaling together — yes it is amazing.

The Stacked and Knotted Twist Updo (it’s more simple than it sounds).

Mylar Tissue Pom-Pom DIY

Winter Wedding Hair (I would wear this every day though).

What was the highlight of your week? I hope you have a wonderful first Sunday of December! 


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