My Soft Lips Routine


With the cold settling in and the Christmas festivities in full-swing, my lips have needed a bit of TLC. My lips don’t usually get too chapped throughout the year, but when December hits, things change. I’ve also been wearing a lot of red lipstick lately (especially this one), which tends to make my lips dry due to the matte finish of the lipstick. Recently I’ve added two new products to my routine that have completely changed my lip game and made winter more enjoyable.


Earlier this year, I fell in love with the Sugar Lip Polish from Fresh (though I did not fall in love with the price). When I finished my deluxe sample back in July, I said I would just make my own instead of buying the full size. But it was October before I realized I hadn’t done either, and in my search for a more affordable lip scrub, I found the Bubblegum Lip Scrub from LUSH. This sugar scrub smells like cotton candy and bubblegum (which is seriously delightful) and has jojoba seed oil to condition your lips.  I use this every other day, or on days when I will be wearing a liquid or matte lipstick that will show every line in my lips if they are too dry. I find the best way to use this is by applying it to dry lips, rubbing it on gently and then taking it off with a wet cotton pad or towel. Doing this makes sure my lips are really exfoliated and there isn’t any excess sugar left (I don’t like to lick it off after, even though it’s totally safe). On a side note, if you’re not a fan of super sweet smells or tastes, I’d recommend the Mint Julep lip scrub.

biteagavelipmaskOnce my lips are exfoliated, I need to add moisture back in. I recently bought the Agave Lip Mask from Bite and I am completely in love. The hype is completely deserved for this miracle of a lip balm. I apply this after exfoliating my lips (at night, or in the morning) and each night before I go to bed. When I wake up in the morning, my lips feel like I’ve just put the mask on, but the product has also sunk in. In the mornings, I will sometimes put it on while I’m getting ready to make sure my lips are moisturized before putting on a matte lipstick so I don’t dry my lips out.

On their own, these products are great, but together they are amazing. I love that it’s nearly the end of December (still can’t believe that) and my lips are happy and not chapped!

Have you used these? What is your favourite lip scrub or lip balm?



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