The Weekend Post | 01.10.16

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Happy Sunday! How is it that we’re already into the double digits of January? It’s crazy to me how the time is flying already, though I suppose that happens regardless of the month or year, doesn’t it?

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Processed with VSCOcam with f2 preset

I said last week that my cold was on its last legs, but apparently that was a lie. On Tuesday morning, it came back and it’s been by my side all week. It haven’t felt too ill, just plagued with a bad migraine one day (so bad it woke up me from a dream about having a migraine), and my throat has been off and on with feeling terrible, then being okay. I’ve spent most of the week sleeping, which has been nice some days, and others I feel like I’m wasting my life. The good thing about being done with school, and not having a job away from home is I’m not behind and I don’t have to call in sick. Yesterday was a good day as I feel like this cold is actually gone (knock on wood), so Christopher and I went to see Star Wars. It was fantastic, and although a major plot point had been spoiled for me a month ago (one of the five-year-olds that I taught in Primary blurted it out when I asked how the movie was), I still enjoyed it. We also said goodbye to Christmas as I finally took down the tree, the lights, and the rest of the decorations. My task the next week is to clean up from the clean up and figure out whether I want to do anything for January decor or skip right to Valentine’s Day.

And now for my favourite links:

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I hope you have a lovely Sunday! Be sure to come back tomorrow for my first “Mani Monday” post of the year!


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