Alphabet Love Print | Free Printable

When it comes to decorating for Valentine’s Day, I don’t really go all out. I’ll add a cute heart banner here, or pink flowers there, but being that it’s not as big as Christmas or Thanksgiving (at least not for me), I want set up and clean up to be quick and easy. One of my favourite ways to decorate for Valentine’s Day (and really any special day), is by adding cute prints to my existing decor. Whether I switch out my standard prints for something a little lovey-dovey or move my favourite photos (like “War’s End Kiss”) so that they are better showcased, I like to at least acknowledge the occasion. Plus, it’s an excuse to add a little pink to our home (honestly, if I could I would have a lot more pink in the house, but I hold back). I’ve added a few Valentine’s themed prints to my Etsy shop this last month, which you can check out here, and I thought after adding the newest batch, I would share the love with you today and offer a free printable of my current favourite.


 Download Printable

This print would look adorable anywhere you want to add it to your home. I’m still trying to decide where to put mine, but I think it will likely go in our bookcase, or on our dresser with my favourite poem. Or I might just have to print two. If you don’t fancy the light pink, you can find the red one or darker pink in the shop here

How do you decorate for Valentine’s day? 

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