Going Grey

IMG_1556When I was fourteen, I found my first grey hair. Actually, I think one of my friends found it. I didn’t really think anything of it. I thought it might be normal. My mom never dyed her hair, and I knew that her hair started to go grey after she had my older brother in her late-twenties. After that first grey hair, I would find others occasionally and just pull them out, but I didn’t think it would be a problem for me until I was in my thirties.

Around the time Christopher and I got married, I started to notice more grey hairs. They were usually only underneath, and whenever I would get my hair done, the stylist wouldn’t notice until after the cut was done and they were starting to straighten it out. They would also say something like, “Did you know you have grey hair?” “You’re too young to have grey hair?” “How old are you?” I was only twenty-three, but again it didn’t seem like a problem because it was normally only noticeable to me, or someone who was styling my hair, so if you were really close to my scalp. But, due to my lighter brown hair with natural golden highlights, those stray grey hairs were hidden — at least they used to be.

IMG_1557Now that I am nearly twenty-seven, I feel like my hair is figuring out that I am aging or something. Whatever it is, it’s getting worse. I’ve noticed it a lot more, especially within the past few months, and especially when I edit my photos for the blog or Instagram (like this one or this one). Also when I do my hair, especially when I wear it up, or braid it so that you can see the hair at my temples, it’s so obvious. Well, it’s obvious to me, and I think it’s obvious to others, but they just don’t say anything (though some do).  Though, Christopher never seems to notice. The other day, I wore my hair in braided up-do, which made my greys painfully obvious and Christopher didn’t notice. He’s sweet like that. I’m still not sure why I have so much grey hair. It might be because of genetics (though my sister who is three years older has no grey hair), or it could be because I might be anemic (my mom is, and I have experienced a few of the symptoms before).

IMG_1558I often wonder how quickly the rest of my hair will go grey. I wonder if I should just let it be, or bite the bullet and start to dye my hair. I’ve wanted to dye my hair for a really long time, and honestly I have this deep desire to be a blonde. But then, I think about how much I love being a brunette. I love the texture of my hair and how manageable it is. I think the answer to my problem is some light balayage, but I’m still unsure. I also think that maybe I should just let my hair do it’s thing and stop being so self-conscious about something that many people don’t see or don’t care about. I wish that my hair would just go from brown to grey when I turn fifty. I’m not a fan of this whole in-between thing.

How do you feel about going grey? When did you start dyeing your hair? Do you think I can pull off balayage or full-on blonde? 


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  • Ugg I hate grey hair. After giving birth to my daughter all my hair started to grow in grey. I’m not sure I want to be dying my hair for the next 20 plus years though. I’m planning to dye mine later this year and see how it goes before deciding what to do long term.

  • I am soon 34 with no grey hair but I have been colouring it since high school. also have no children / high stress / anemia or similar 🙂 I like it dark brown and if you like any colour you could dye it too, ammonia free or natural herbal colours or henna, even to your hair colour. just can’t stand grey, on younger people lt looks kind of careless to me if they are really visible! my husband has a few, we dye his hair a shade darker than his natural with some herbal colour, looks great 🙂

  • I think your hair still looks amazing! It’s only hair, your natural light brown with come back even if you dye it, it just may take some patience. I see as you might as well experiment while you’re young if you’ve really wanted to be blonde, you have the rest of your life to embrace the grey 🙂

  • Kayleigh

    My dad is 58 years old and he just started to noticably grey in the last 5 years (though he is blond). I’m 26 and I have yet to get any greys. However, my husband’s mother’s side greys EARLY EARLY. His mother was greying in her late teens and was pretty much white by the time she was 26. My husband has a little patch on the top of his head that’s white and has since he was 24ish. He is starting to grey more over the rest of his hair, too. I think it might just be genetics. 🙂

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