The Lipstick As Luxurious As Its Name

bobbibrownluxelipcolourWhen it comes to my lipstick collection, I like to save money. I like having a lot of options, and I am usually quite impulsive when it comes to my lipstick buying, so drugstore lipsticks make up the majority of my collection. While I love a good bargain, sometimes it pays to spend a little more. In the last few months, I have splashed out more for high-end lip products rather than picking up something from the drugstore. True, there are so many great options at the drugstore, and there’s no real need to spend more than $10 on a lipstick, but sometimes it’s nice to take advice from Tom Haverford and treat yo’ self.


bobbibrownluxelipcolour-raspberrypinkLike I said last week, I’m kind of in love with Bobbi Brown right now, so it’s probably no surprise that my latest high-end lipstick purchase was from the Luxe Lip Colour range. Ever since these lipsticks were released in the fall, I have been in love. I loved the packaging, the bright (but wearable) colours. I decided to go with Raspberry Pink, which is a dark fuchsia shade (like a mix between MAC’s Girl About Town and Maybelline’s Vivid Rose). First off, the packaging is incredibly luxurious. It’s gold, and has a weight to it that is certainly an improvement over most drugstore lipsticks and makes me feel super fancy when I use it. From the first time I applied it, my love grew only deeper. It’s creamy, but doesn’t slide around and the pigment is very strong with only one swipe. It’s incredibly comfortable on the lips, and makes me feel like I’m not wearing anything on my lips (at least not in an obvious way). Though it’s not a matte formula (it’s more of a satin to slightly luminous) it is quite long-wearing. It will last through drinking or a meal (though that is less likely if it’s a greasy burger), but it is not transfer proof. And though it is not transfer proof, and it will wear off with a lot of eating and just in general throughout the day, it wears off evenly so you’re not left with that ring around your lips — you know what I’m talking about.

If you’re looking to treat yourself, or just like high-end lipsticks in general, then I would say the Bobbi Brown Luxe Lip Colour might just be for you.

Have you tried these lipsticks? What is your favourite high-end brand for lip colour?



  • love that lip color! xo

  • I’ve seen these too! They seem really nice and the range does have some nice colors! Thanks for sharing!


    • The colour range is really good! Definitely something for everyone.

      xo Kristi