New in the Shop | March 2016

As you know (and in case you don’t), I have an Etsy shop where I sell simple black and white digital prints of my favourite TV, movie and inspirational quotes. Every month or so, I like to add something new. There are so many things I could add, but I try to keep it to 3 to 5 new prints every month (or two). Today, I’m sharing three of my favourites, which are quotes from 3 of my favourite shows, Gilmore Girls, Parks and Recreation and The Mindy Project. Keep reading to see my favourites, and check out the rest of my prints here.


“Oy with the poodles already!” Print


“I love you and I like you” Print


“It’s so weird being my own role model” Print

Which is your favourite? What would you like to see in the shop next?

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