Happy Easter!

happyeasterI thought about doing my normal weekly update post today, but with it being Easter Sunday today, I thought I would do something a little different. Rather than share my usual “this is what I did this week” followed by every funny thing that Jimmy Fallon did that week (really you should check this out though), I wanted to share something to keep the spirit of this special day.


As a Christian, I have spent my entire life learning about the life and mission of Jesus Christ. I have learned about the miracles He performed, the compassion He felt, His death. But most importantly, I have learned about His resurrection. Because He lives, I know that I will see my Grandma and Grandpa, friends, and other relatives who have passed on. Because He lives, I feel hope that there is more to this life, and more than just this life. Because He lives, I can too. Hallelujah.

I hope that you have a wonderful Easter, and are able to reflect on how your life has been made better, and can be better because He Lives.


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