Monthly Playlist | March 2016



This month has been once again filled with new music discoveries. Early on in the month, I found out that Gabriel Macht’s (Harvey from Suits) younger brother is a musician, so I immediately checked out his stuff, and it turns out he is quite talented and right up my street. If you’re looking for something new, I’d say check him out right now! I’ve also recently discovered other great artists, like Låpsley (I could see Stacey Tookey or Travis Wall choreographing something beautiful to the sounds of “Painter”), The Apache Relay (“Katie Queen of Tennessee” belongs on a movie soundtrack), Saint Raymond, Ezra Vine, and more. I’m also always happy to hear new music from my favourites, like Hot Hot Heat’s “Kid Who Stays in the Picture” and Blake Shelton’s “Came Here to Forget”.

You can find my March playlist below, or listen to it here.

What songs have you been loving this month? Any new discoveries? I’d love to hear about them!


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