Fixing Split Ends Without the Scissors?

livingprooffreshcutsplitendmenderI am in my second year of growing my hair out (for the millionth time it seems), which means I tend to avoid scissors at all costs. I know that trimming my hair is an important step in my healthy hair routine, but I’ve had so many bad experiences of asking for a minimal trim and leaving with inches cut off. I am currently past due for a trim, and my hair is definitely showing it. When I hear about a product that will help my hair look healthier, and stretch out my cut, I am definitely intrigued.

livingprooffreshcutsplitendmenderSplit-end treatments are certainly not a new thing, so I was slightly skeptical when Living Proof released their Fresh Cut Split End Mender from the Perfect Hair Day range earlier this year. I have loved everything that I’ve tried from the company, and I really like their philosophy, and how it’s based in science, so I knew that this cream wouldn’t just be a too-good-to-be-true product. It also helped that Kate from The Small Things Blog recommended it, since I trust her with all my hair concerns. The cream is light, much like other smoothing creams, and can be used on damp hair and dry hair. It claims to instantly seal and heal split ends, leaving your hair feeling like it’s been freshly cut.

The first time I used it on dry hair that was feeling fried and just rough. I was amazed at how soft it made my ends feel. It wasn’t the same as a fresh cut, but there was certainly a noticeable difference. Since then, I have used it nearly every time I wash my hair, and occasionally on dry hair when things are looking dire. It adds a softness to the ends of my hair that nothing else had been doing, as well as hiding the damage that all the heat styling that I do to my hair on a weekly basis.

I don’t think that I can use this product as a permanent fix to my split-ends, as nothing can get rid of them for good except for a cut, but it is working really well as a temporary fix until I go for a cut in a month or so. I also think that this would work well as a preventive measure to split-ends, and used in conjunction with hair masks and other products meant to add hydration to hair in order to make it look and feel healthier, and prolong your cut.

Have you tried Living Proof’s Fresh Cut Split End Mender? What is your favourite product for dealing with damaged or split ends?



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