Don’t Worry About What the Others Are Doing

legomoviequoteA few weeks ago, Christopher and I were watching The Lego Movie, and something that was said hit me really hard. I love that movie for the satiric and silly humour, and didn’t expect to have any moments of inspiration while I watched it, especially since I’ve seen it so many times before. At some point during the movie, Vitruvius says to Emmet, “Emmet, don’t worry about what the others are doing. You must embrace what is special about you.”

When I heard those words, I felt like they were meant especially for me in that moment. I’ve talked about my problems with comparison in the past, but it seems like the more I tell myself not to do it, the more my brain tells me I should. I don’t know why I have such a difficult time forgetting about what others are doing and just focusing on what I can do because of the talents I’ve been blessed with.

As a blogger (who spends a lot of time following other bloggers) it’s so easy to get caught up in thinking “should I be doing that?”, “why don’t I look like that?”, “why don’t people read my blog?” that I am not able to see that my differences are what make me special, and will attract different readers to my blog. But even without that, I needed the reminder that we were not all created the same in looks, qualities, or talents and that is a great thing.

Of course it’s not a bad thing to be inspired by someone else, and want to emulate the good qualities you see in them, but you need to recognize that that doesn’t make you any less of a person. Sometimes you just have to stop worrying “about what the others are doing” and “embrace what is special about you.”


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  • Mademoiselle Coconath

    Love the quote!
    Great post!


    Mademoiselle Coconath

  • Just love this – and I get caught up in it too from time-to-time, it’s easy to forget how far we’ve come…