Style Wish List | Summer 2016


Top // Hat // Sunglasses // Skirt // Sandals // Dress

I don’t plan on changing my wardrobe too much once summer is officially here, but there are a few things that would find a happy home in my closet. (And apparently, they are all pink)!

For the most part in the summer, I will always choose dresses and skirts over pants or shorts (though they have their place too). I could always use a new maxi dress (or two), because they are my favourite for day-to-day, and they are perfect for evenings out too with a few changes in accessories. I especially love the 70’s feel of this one (and that it has sleeves)! For Sundays, I love the versatility of skirts, and only have one spring/summer looking one in my closet right now, so this gorgeous new arrival from Rachel Parcell would be perfect. I am also in desperate need of short-sleeved tops. I have a lot of long-sleeved or button-ups that I can roll up, but on 30+ days when I’m not near water and in my swimsuit (which let’s be honest, is most of them), they just don’t cut it. I adore the stripes and ruffles on this one, and am totally tempted by this one, because you know I love navy and polka dots.

To finish off any summer look, I am currently in search of a great pair of sandals that are a step up from my favourite flip-flops, and have my eye on these gladiators at the moment. I also can’t have too many sunglasses or hats.

What’s on your summer style wish list?


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