IMG_5021I have always loved my birthday. I never had elaborate parties, but I always had special dinners with my family, or small parties with close friends. When I was fifteen or sixteen, I decided that my birthday needed to last longer than a day, and coined Kristipalooza. Kristipalooza includes every part of my birthday festivities, and it’s really the best time of the year (next to Christmas).

ginghamdress-elizajThis year for Kristipalooza, it started on Saturday with a movie. Christopher and I went to see Finding Dory. It was really cute, though I do love Finding Nemo more. After the movie, we went to Bolero (a brazilian BBQ, and the best restaurant) with my brother and sister-in-law. We had such a good time, and ate too much, but that’s part of what makes the yearly (though it’s been 3 years since the last time) trip. It’s all worth that delicious pineapple.


Dress // Lipstick // Nails (similar here)

On Sunday, after church we went to my in-laws for lunch. Since it was Father’s Day, I didn’t want my birthday to overshadow it. After a lovely lunch, we went to my grandparents for dinner with my parents, siblings, and their kids. We had delicious food, and spent some time talking about what our fathers meant to us. I love having all of my family so close, and spending my birthday celebrating Father’s Day, and honouring all of the wonderful men in my life.


Dress (similar here, here and here) // Bag (similar here) // Shoes (similar here)

Today is the last day of Kristipalooza (though I’m extending it for a day in September when we go see Jim Gaffigan), with another dinner at my in-laws. Now time to go make my cake!


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