One True Loves | Book Review

I’ve officially begun my summer reading list, and I picked the perfect novel to start the season. It may be Jugly and this may be a bit premature, but I think I may have found my favourite book of the year — at least so far. I recently finished reading the newest release from Taylor Jenkins Reid, and it’s proof that she knows what she’s doing, and she deserves all of the success that she’s getting.

onetrueloves-bookreview One True Loves is the story of Emma Blair, a woman who loses her husband and high school sweetheart when his helicopter goes missing over the Pacific while on assignment. She’s broken, and doesn’t think she’ll ever love again, that is until she is reunited with an old friend, and finally sees how she can be happy again. When Emma becomes engaged again, her husband Jesse is found. Now with a husband (who she thought for years was dead) and a fiancé, Emma must figure out who she is, and who her true love really is.

I was intrigued by the story, and of course wanted to find out what happened, but the story really got to me. Reid does such an amazing job of developing her characters in such a way that I instantly feel a connection, even if I don’t necessarily see myself in the character. She also can write highly implausible scenarios, and make them seem like they could happen to you.

I loved the commentary on what love really means, what time and absence can do to it, and how much a person can truly love. I also loved that there was no obvious answer to Emma’s problem. She could have easily chosen either man, and it wouldn’t have been a bad decision, because they were both good men, which I think some other authors wouldn’t have done.

If you love good, unpredictable stories that will tug at your heart-strings (or liked Maybe In Another Life), you’ll love One True Loves.

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