If you’re not following me on Instagram, then you may not know that I’ve recently made some changes in my life. I moved, quit my job, started watching my nephew full-time during the week, and I dyed my hair blonde. That’s right, this forever brunette has gone platinum… actually not yet, but I’m considering it in the future.img_8528

A few weeks ago, I went to my girl, Kassandra at RedBloom Salon here in Calgary for a trim and balayage touch up, and we decided to just go for it. I’ve had a desire to be blonde for many years (mostly thanks to my girl crush on Lauren Conrad), but never thought I could do it. In May, I dyed my hair for the first time, just dipping my toes into the pool of hair colouring and got some dark blonde balayage highlights. I loved the change, and just as I had been warned, I became addicted and wanted more.

This time we went pretty bright, and also did a demi-permanent colour on my roots to cover my greys. Now you’ll see me with my pulled back a lot more, because I’m not so self-conscious about my greys showing. Kassandra also gave me bangs, which I’ve wanted all year, but decided to wait to do until the fall (because bangs in the summer are the worst).

To say I had trouble adjusting to my new hair colour is kind of an understatement. The night that I had it done, I was over at my sister’s house for my niece, Izzy’s first birthday party. My other niece, Charlotte (who is 2 and a half), did not take to my new locks very well, and for a few hours wouldn’t come near me. Also, that night I might have (definitely) had a bit of a Jo in Little Women moment (“my hair!!!”) and Christopher had to tell me over and over again that it was fine.

beloverly-blondeNow that I’ve been a blonde for a few weeks now, I can’t believe that I ever thought I’d made a mistake. I do think that I look best now with a bit of a tan (I don’t like how the yellow in my hair brings out the red in my face), so I’m back on the fake tan wagon, even though the summer months are far behind me. Purple shampoo has also been my best friend to keep the brassy tones at bay.

I still feel like a brunette at heart, and plan to go back one day, but for now I’m enjoying being a blonde, and reliving my childhood (or at least the 2 years that I had lighter hair). Now it’s time find out if blondes really do have more fun…

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