Holiday Gift Guide | For Him

Yesterday, I shared all the goodies that would be perfect for the ladies on your Christmas list, so today, I’m sharing some ideas for the fellas. This year’s list is a compilation of things I would get the men in my family, things I’d want, and things I wish my husband would use if I bought them for him.holidaygiftguide2016-him

Fragrance Set // X Box // Fitbit // Water bottle // Album // Cufflinks // Hoodie // Socks // Wallet

BURBERRY, Mr. Burberry Gift Set. This set comes with a 100 ml eau de toilette as well as a deodorant. If you want your guy to smell really good, this is the one. It’s more of a fresh fragrance, with notes of grapefruit, but with some woodiness as well from the guaiac wood. If I could convince the husband to wear it (he’s not one for cologne), he would be getting bottles and bottles of this stuff.

X Box One S. For the gamer in your life. X Box recently released an updated version of the X Box One. This edition is sleeker, has more storage, and (depending on which one you get) has 4K capabilities, which is pretty amazing. Also, if the Nintendo NES Classic ever comes back into stock, that is another great buy.

Fitbit, Charge 2. If the ladies get one, then the fellas need one too. This fitness tracker is great for the guy who wants to track his every move, or needs the motivation to do so. The new display on these is great and comes in a few colours too, so it’s customizable.

S’Well Water Bottle. These stainless steel bottles can keep beverages hot or cold for hours. They also come in a really sleek design, so they look great on a desk. Hydration and style? Win-win.

The Hamilton Mixtape. For those on your list still obsessed with Hamilton (honestly, who isn’t? It is amazing), this album is filled with covers of the original broadway songs by The Roots, Kelly Clarkson, Usher, Jimmy Fallon (that’s right!) and more. It will be available on iTunes and other retailers on December 2nd.

CUFFLINKS INC., Captain America Cufflinks. I love giving cufflinks as a gift. They’re classy, but can also add personality to an outfit. I still think that the Transformer cufflinks I bought Chris for our first Christmas together when we were dating is the best gift I’ve ever bought him.

J. Crew, Cotton-Cashmere Zip Hoodie. This cashmere blend hoodie is super soft, and can add some style to casual outfits, as well as dress down the not-so-casual. Also, ladies this is a gift for you too, because we all know that we buy our men clothes so we can steal it.

Happy Socks, Pack of 4. Happy Socks makes the best patterned socks. Their socks are really well made, and come in a variety of colours and prints. These are perfect for the stylish guy who wants to add a bit of personality to his suits.

Herschel, Hank Stripe Bi-fold Wallet. A new wallet is always nice, and I think this one from Herschel is a great choice. It’s small and sleek, but still carries enough. This is also a great option for a stocking stuffer.

Be sure to come back next week for some great options for everyone on your list for under $25!


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