Bell Sleeves | Style Inspiration

Blush // Stripe // Dress // Polka Dot // Gingham

When bell sleeves started popping up everywhere last fall, I was not into it. I thought it would only last a few months, so I didn’t think much of it or try to find a way to work it into my wardrobe. Once spring rolled around, I knew that they were here for the long haul (or at least another season or two). Much to my surprise, I have found myself eyeing bigger sleeves more and more lately as I shop for my summer wardrobe. I’m still not having it with the enormous sleeves that are the same width as a shirt, but a little bit of a flute sleeve or ruffle is a great way to wear a bell sleeve without leaning into it too heavily.

Now that this trend has had some time to breathe, I have found that it’s much easier to find something subtle, and something that can work for every style and budget. I’m currently wishing that I had an excuse to wear this gorgeous white dress (wouldn’t it be perfect for a bridal shower or engagement party?) and waiting for this one and this one to arrive in the mail. I also love this polka dot print, the lace detail of this one, and unsurprisingly eyeing this striped number.

Once again I have learned that I should stop turning my nose up at trends, because sooner or later, they’ll their way into my closet.

Are you on board with the bell sleeves trend?