July Beauty Favourites

Somehow we’ve made it to the end of July (why is it that summer is the fastest season?) and it’s time to share some of my beauty favourites. I thought it had only been a couple of months since I’ve written a monthly favourites post, but it turns out I haven’t shared one since January. Oops! Rather than doing a video this time, I decided to go back to the basics and just do a simple post. I will get back to doing videos, but I’m happy sticking with the simple blogging format for now.

There are a lot of products I could share with you today, but I decided to only choose those that came to my mind immediately when I thought about products that have been  superstars in my beauty routine this month.

Herbivore, Rose Hibiscus Coconut Water Hydrating Mist. I bought this back in April and have been using it every day since it came out of the box. I like to use this after an acid tone (or right after cleansing) and before I put on any serums or moisturizer. It spells delightful, the mist is so fine and luxurious and I have noticed a major difference in the moisture levels of my skin as well as my redness. I’m already sad knowing I’ll be finished with this bottle in a month or so.

Neal’s Yard Remedies, Frankincense Intense Concentrate. I received this serum from Neal’s Yard to test out a few months back and have used it sporadically since, but nearly every day this month. This serum is meant to fight signs of aging, as well as boost hydration and radiance. I haven’t noticed a huge difference in the appearance of my wrinkles, but that might just be because I’m only starting to get wrinkles around my eyes, so I’m not sure that I’m the target for that claim. However, I notice a big difference in how luminous my skin looks, especially in the mornings after using it the night before. I’m so glad that this stuff lasts for a long time.

Clinique, Beige Pop Lip Colour + Primer. Clinique launched the first Pop line a couple of years ago now and though there was a lot of hype around them, I somehow forgot about them and never tried them. That was until a month ago. I was looking for a good nude lipstick (honestly, who have I become?) and after looking at what felt like a million swatches online, I decided to try “Beige Pop”. I fell in love instantly. The pigmentation is great, the colour is the perfect nude on me since it’s more of a pinky-beige, and it’s one of the most hydrating lipsticks I’ve ever used. Now I need to get every shade.

Lancôme, Matte Shaker High Pigment Lip Colour in Energy Peach. I’ve been trying to go out of my lipstick comfort zone this summer (especially after falling in love with some great nude lipsticks), and picked up one of the new Lancôme Matte Shakers in this peachy tone. The formula is really light and applies wet, but dries down to a nice, comfortable matte. It’s not quite transfer proof, but it comes pretty close.

Revlon, Mega Multiplier Mascara. I recently got this mascara complimentary from Influenster to test out. I wasn’t sure that I would like it because I generally prefer plastic mascara wands over natural bristles. This one surprised me though. The brush isn’t too thick, so it doesn’t apply too much mascara (my eyelashes are pretty thin and though there’s a lot of them, they tend to droop if a mascara is too wet or heavy) and it’s on the drier side, which I prefer. It doesn’t quite live up to the name of “Mega Multiplier”, but it does give my eyelashes some great definition as well as a decent amount of volume. It reminds me a little bit of Covergirl’s Full Lash Bloom (which is one of my all-time favourites), but with more volume than definition.

NYX, Micro Brow Pencil in Ash Brown. I have finally found the perfect eyebrow pencil for me. I struggled last year with my brows after going blonde, and thought I needed to find a shade that would be more suitable for blonde hair, rather than be close to my roots. Everything I found was just too warm and there was always something a bit off to it. Then one day while I was shopping for something else, I came across the shade “Ash Brown” from NYX and thought I might as well try it. It’s basically the perfect match for my eyebrows, but doesn’t make them too dark (though it’s not a big problem anymore since I’ve gone for fewer highlights and more of a rooted look this summer). I’m not sure that I ever need to try another eyebrow pencil again.

Stella McCartney, POP Eau de Parfum. If you read my post about summer perfumes, then you know why I’ve been reaching for this scent so much. This is my perfect summer scent. It’s sweet, bright and fresh, but I never feel like it’s too overpowering. If I didn’t love warmer perfumes so much, I would almost be sad that I won’t be wearing this in a month or two.

What products have you been loving this month?